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An energy-efficient home begins here.

When it comes to saving energy and keeping your home more comfortable, the right glass package will accomplish the task. Simonton Windows® offers a variety of optional glass packages that combine the most effective features and advanced designs to achieve truly impressive year-round thermal performance and energy savings. Choose the right glass package for your home and begin to reap the benefits of an ultra energy-efficient window and door.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all features are available on all Simonton series.
Please see your Simonton Representative for complete details.

Insulating Glass Unit

Dual-pane windows consist of two pieces of glass with air or gas between

the two panes to create a sealed insulating glass unit. Dual-pane insulating

glass units can come in 3/4", 7/8" or 1" widths.

Triple-pane glass features a single-strength pane of glass

surrounded by two double-strength panes
which creates a 1" insulating glass unit.

Impact-resistant laminated glass consists of a durable interlayer

sandwiched between two layers of glass that offers increased safety,

sound control, UV protection and energy effciency.


Low E Coated Glass
Low E coatings reflect infrared light keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.

It can also reduce fading of carpet, artwork and photos by helping block damaging ultraviolet rays.

Utilizing a transparent metallic oxide coating, ProSolar® soft coat Low E glass helps maintain a

consistent inside temperature for year-round comfort.

LoĒ³-366® is an advanced, spectrally selective glass that offers the ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection, visibility

and energy savings. The 12-layer patented formula features three layers of silver to provide maximum insulation.


Gas Fill
Odorless, colorless non-toxic gases can be placed in the insulating glass unit and provide

greater insulation than regular air.

This non-toxic gas is six times denser than air. When used to replace air between glass panes 

in insulating glass units, it helps reduce temperature transfer.

Even denser than Argon gas, Krypton gas maximizes energy efficiency and reduces temperature transfer even further.


Spacer Systems
A spacer system keeps a window and door’s glass panes the correct distant apart and is designed to reduce heat transfer at the edge of the insulating glass unit.

The Intercept® spacer system offers a U-channel design that

keeps glass warmer and flexes and contracts for reduced seal failure.

The Supercept™ spacer utilizes the U-channel design, but is made

of a stainless steel alloy that offers increased durability and thermal efficiency.

The non-metallic foam Super Spacer® is non-conductive and

increases energy efficiency by helping provide a tight seal.